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Launch Dates ending in -xx have not yet been announced.
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305 S Washington Ave
Titusville FL

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Future Mission:
🛰 CSG 2
🚀 Falcon 9
📆 2022-01-27
6:11 pmEDT
🌍 23:11 UTC
🔭 Pad 40
Future Mission:
🛰 Starlink 4-7
🚀 Falcon 9
📆 2022-01-28
7:00 pmEDT
🌍 00:00 UTC +1 Day
🔭 Pad 39A
Future Mission:
🛰 ELaNa 41
🚀 Astra rocket 3.3
📆 2022-01-30
7:00 pmEST
🌍 00:00 UTC +1 Day
🔭 Pad 46
Directions to
Space View Park

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You should not visit Space View Park 🔭
in Titusville to watch a launch during Virus
Season. You should watch the ULA Webcast
which will start 15 minutes before launch.
❕ But if visiting the park to view a launch,
All people in your party should
wear a mask. 😷

Free e-books from NASA

Things to read while waiting for the launch

📚 NASA E-Books

📘 ISS U.S. National Lab Annual Report 2019

📱 NASA Apps for Smartphones

Apollo History at NASA.Gov

Space Shuttle History at NASA.Gov

👨‍🚀 👨🏻‍🚀 Two Funny Astronauts

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📺 Channel 6's award winning report on Space View Park
Winner of the The 2020 Radio Television Digital News Association regional Excellance in Sound Award

📺 Spectrum News 13 coverage of Area Code 321 20th Anniversary

A video of "The Comeback Coast" including Space View Park.
Click the arrow marked 6:09 for the full clip.
(The video is a 'Web Extra' to The Washington Post article)

The American Space Museum in Titusville should be a Point Of Interest in your GPS Reciever. If not, put in 308 Pine St in Titusville FL.

5 Directions to Space View Park, 🔭 a great place to view Atlas, Delta, and Falcon launches.
6 Fresh Keps Menu, Links to Keplerian Elements, the mathematical variables used by Satellite Tracking programs. +

The Icon Row:
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Future Launches from the Canaveral Spaceport

Launch dates ending in -xx are To Be Determined.

Crew 3, Launch of a scheduled Crew Rotation launch to the International Spacce Station (ISS). A Crew Dragon capsule with 4 astronauts on board will launch from the Kennedy Space Station. The Crew 2 capsule with the crew members this crew is replacing will return to Earth a few days later. - Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2017-11-09

STP-3, A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V 551 rocket will launch the Space Test Program (STP)-3 mission for the U.S. Space Force. Liftoff will occur from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida. - Booster: Atlaas V
- Launch Date: 2022-11-22 X:xx pmEST
- Launch Pad: SLC-41 USSF-44, , A secret spy satellite for the US Space Force.
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2017-11-xx

Starlink, A fresh 'batch' of Starlink Satellites for Elon Musk's constellation of CRS-23 Cargo Dragon
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch Date: 2021-08-30

Last Updated: 2020-09-10

Information provided by SpaceLaunchInfo.Com based on information from SpaceFlightNow.Com.

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