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SpaceLaunchInfo.Com is meant to be a good place where a visitor can find out about launches of rockets from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and the Kennedy Space Center. When you use the collective term 'The Canaveral Spaceport', you don't have to worry if the launch is happening from KSC or the Air Force Station.

dotMOBI Domain Names are meant to provide the best User Experience for web pages read on mobile devices, such as modern Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Launches.Mobi has been set up to provide links for users of mobile devices with it's links most useful only on any given Launch Day. Tap on the number 1 button for status reports provided by SpaceflightNow.Com (once they are established). Space FlightNow.Com has the best Launch Status Reports during a launch campaign, but the Web Address is different for every launch. Once we find out where the report is for the current launch, we update our links, to make them available to the wider community. The Number 1 button is set up for what turns out to be mostly text, and while the page the number 2 button goes to has that same information, that page usually contains a video feed for the launch as well. It's just that some phones can't handle the 'Frames' on that page used to provide those links.

About the Booklets we publish for each launch. As part of our Launch Host services at Space View Park in Titusville, Ozzie Osband (the fellow who provides the Launch Audio in the park on Launch Day) creates small booklets about the launch to hand our for free to the Tourists that come to the park to view the launch as a Launch Souvenir. He creates the booklets using Microsoft Publisher in 'Greeting Card' format.

If you print one out from the Booklets Page, just fold it in half, then in half again. For most ordinary launches, we print out about 40 with the map on the back, and 40 with page one on both sides such that they can be be cut in half to provide two booklets per page (and therefore an additional 80 copies of the booklet). The first 40 people at the park generally arrive early enough to have time to wander downtown Titusville and can use the map, while late comers only need the info about the launch, and the Souvenir of 'Their Launch'. After all, for most of these people, this launch is a 'once in a lifetime' experience for them. The ad on the back cover pays for the printing at our local Staples office supply store. We'll print more when manned Crewed launches start up.

The Launch Status link is something I get alot of questions about.

Why the Launch Status Text Link?
We used to provide Launch Status Text Messages, but the cost effective service we used closed down, and others were using Twitter. We weren't about to re-invent the wheel, and we now suggest that people send a Text Message to 40404 (the short code for Twitter), and send the message "Follow SpaceFlightNow" (not case sensitive).

The Mission Status Page on their website is my trusted GoTo page for the latest status, but they're set up for desktop web browsers, with a video link to launch video (which usually comes up about 20 minutes before launch), followed by a Frame containing their constantly updated "blog" of what's going on.