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Keplerian Elements are mathematical variables used to calculate the orbits of celestial bodies, such as planets and space satellites. The links above will allow a user to download the "Keps" easily for use in programs like Orbitron, or Pocketsat+.
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1 Keps in Palm format for Ham Radio satellites.
  Local Copy
2 AMSAT Keps, Amateur Radio Satellite Keps in text format.
3 Keps for TDRSS clients includes ISS and HST from Celestrak.Com.
  Celestrak.Com, Keps for most satellites
4 Space Track, Where registered users get their Keps directly from the US Air Force.
5 Orbitron satellite tracking software for Windows.
6 PocketSat+ satellite tracking software for Palm or Windows Mobile handhelds.
7 Current Keps.pdb
     NEW! PocketSat3 for iPhone & iPod Touch.
      dotPDB Generator: Paste Keplerian elements into this page to create Palm readable Keps files.

7 AMSAT, The Amateur Radio Satellite Organization, for ham radio operators and their friends.
8 Canaveral Spaceport Launch Schedule
9 Heavens Above, helping people view satellites from their own back yard.

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* SpaceLaunchInfo.Com Mobile Home Page
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